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With the sports supplements industry worth millions of dollars and the business becoming increasingly popular among sports athletes, you might think that performance enhancing products are closely regulated and relatively safe. Well you may be shocked to realize this is not the case.

Any product classed as a ‘sports supplement’ or ‘dietary supplement’ are not required to meet any standards set out from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and so there are not any regulations which ensure a guarantee or the safety of a product sold as a sports supplement.

This means that the supplements on the market are not held to any particular manufacturing standards and may not necessarily be pure or even safe to consume. The supplements are not required to meet the same safety procedures that we expect of food ingredients or prescription drugs. Furthermore, the manufacturers are not required to prove any claims that they make to improve a person’s performance or health, nor do they have to meet any safety testing prior to being sent to market.

Many people find this set-up to be quite strange, however details for each product’s ingredients can quickly and easily be found from many resources such as the Internet. Therefore benefits of the products can quickly be accepted or dismissed by the user from simple research.

A sports supplement product can only be removed from the market if they can prove that the product is in fact harmful to its users or causes medical problems. However, because of the above points any health problems that arise from using these products are only discovered after the product has been sold on the market.

It is therefore wise to choose a sports supplement that has been sold for a long period of time and has already been used successfully by many athletes.

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