Sport Supplements for Increased Performance

Sport Supplement

Improved Performance

If you are looking to improve your overall performance for sport or personal preference then taking sports supplements can be very beneficial to you. Below we look at some of their main ingredients and the benefits.

  • Proteins – this supports muscle growth and is a favourite with body builders. Protein can help improve recovery times and build muscle strength as well as mass when combined with regular exercise.
  • Glucosamine – this plays a role in the repair of cartilage and helps with maintenance by stimulating cells of cartilage building blocks.
  • Ribose – this ingredient restores a person’s energy levels in the heart and skeletal muscles at a fast rate and can help with muscle growth.
  • Creatine – this improves an athlete’s high power performance during repetitive exercises. However to be effective, creatine does require high intensity workouts to be effective.
  • Glutamine – helps sports men and women by preventing muscle breakdown and to improve their immune systems. Offers a reduced risk of infection and illness for athletes and can also help with maintaining muscle mass.
  • B Vitamins – these should not be taken by people that are limiting their calorie intakes or on restricted diets; however they are important as B Vitamins convert proteins and carbohydrates into energy. They are also beneficial for the production of cells and cell repair so therefore anybody that lacks B Vitamins may be at risk of any damaged muscles not mending themselves properly. This can also result in slowing the rate at which muscle mass increases.

As with all sports supplements, it is important that the individual taking them does so in line with the advised dosage guidelines. In addition they should be taken along with a balanced diet and hydration levels must be kept up to help the body’s development.

If used sensibly, sports supplements can be a useful aid to help improve your athletic performance.

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