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Creatine Supplement

Favored by strength trainers and athletes who execute repeated bursts of short, violent exercise (e.g., weight lifting, sprints, ice hockey), Creatine is considered to improve recovery from one session of exercise to the next. Case in point, some body builders describe improved  results from their training sessions when they use Creatine. Enabling the athlete to repeatedly lift heavy weights, they activate muscle growth, thus achieving more strength and muscle mass. However, not all athletes react to Creatine with the same results–some athletes report little or no positive reaction.

Athletes who intake Creatine should be aware that greater than recommended doses are not necessary. If you are a parent who is unsure whether creatine is safe for your student athlete or not, you will be appeased to learn medical research reports creatine is safe. Until now, Creatine, consumed in the recommended doses, has yet to be linked to medical issues. However, thanks to poor quality control in the sport supplement industry, a prudent proverb when taking Creatine (like with any other sport supplement) is, “Consume at your own risk.”

Albeit, I do not encourage the use of Creatine by student athletes. I recommend exercising intensely, prudently, and implementing a properly planned sports diet (i.e., eating a good breakfast and lunch to fuel the student for a vigorous afternoon workout) to attain desired athletic performance.

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