An Introduction to Sports Supplements

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Sports men and women are always looking to find ways in which they can improve their performance to keep bettering themselves and be more competitive against others. A major method which is often turned to is by consuming sports supplements.

These supplements are designed to provide a perfect balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that help with developing muscle and health. The sport supplement industry is a multi-million dollar business which provides a massive number of supplements for differing effects and needs from sports person to person. However, not all supplements are necessarily beneficial, so below we will take a look at what to look for depending on your needs.

In basic terms a sports supplement is consumed in addition to your standard diet and is intended to complete your nutritional intake deficiency on a daily basis. They consist of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, herbs and other botanical substances and provide these in a complete single product to ensure that your body gets a balanced amount of each that your daily diet may not provide. These are essential ingredients to help build muscle, stamina and other attributes that are needed to perform at the top of your chosen sport.

When looking for sports supplements to take, ensure that the product has the correct type of ingredients that you require for what you want to achieve. Below lists some of the most common and important ingredients to look out for:

  • Caffeine – for increased alertness and reaction times.
  • Glutamine – nutritional supplement for overall performance.
  • Ribose – clear evidence exists that shows increased athletic performance increases after taking Ribose supplements.
  • Proteins – required for muscle development.
  • B Vitamins – essential for overall body functions.
  • Creatine – good for high intensity exercise such as sprinting and weight lifting.

There are many more ingredients available across the sport supplement range and B Vitamins can be further broken down to thiamine, B6, B12, folate and riboflavin for example. The sheer number of combinations from sports supplements is staggering so ensure you do some research into the correct supplement for your sport before you start using them for your benefit.

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